PHARMout Laboratories, Inc.

US Alliance of 3D BioOptima

PHARMout Laboratories, allied with 3D BioOptima ( ), specializes in comprehensive DMPK screening, efficacy/toxicity assessment, PK/PD modeling, analytical / bioanalytical and proteomics services. We utilize advanced analytical technologies including LC-MS/MS (both low- and high-resolution), MSD and ELISA for quantitative and qualitative analyses of small molecules, antibodies, proteins, and nucleic acids. We are committed to providing the highest level of services, compliances and supports to our clients.


About Us

PHARMout is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing a wide range of services, including:

•DMPK Screening, in vitro and in vivo (Rodents/Non-Rodents/Primates)
•GLP Bioanalysis and GMP Analysis: Method Development/Validation
•Efficacy/Toxicity Assessment and PK/PD Modeling
•Identification of Metabolites, Degradants, and Impurities
•API/Drug Product Stability and Dissolution Testing
•Characterization of Antibodies, ADCs, Peptides, and Proteins

We are an FDA compliant GLP facility licensed for DEA substances. Our instrumentation includes state-of-the-art AB Sciex triple quadrupole mass spectrometers and Perkin Elmer Immunoassay Plate reader. We have an established infrastructure that includes SOPs, QA, and Archivist.

The advantages of partnering with 3D BioOptima/PHARMout are reflected in our total Commitment to Quality, Timely and Flexible services





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