Immunoassay Reader: New Addition to Our Capability!

Immunoassay Plate Reader

Perkin Elmer/Wallac Victor3 1420-015 Multilabel Counter

Fluorescence (340 – 850 nm): Dual ratio measurements, Top and bottom fluorescence Luminescence: Glow luminescence, Flash luminescence, Dual luminescence Photometry: 340 – 800 nm UV Photometry: 260 nm/280 nm Time-resolved Fluorometry (TRF): Dual window TRF, Dual emission measurements.

 PHARMout Laboratories, Inc. has added an ELISA capability for biomarker and antibody/ protein analysis. This addition enhances our analytical technologies extending our expertise to include small and large molecules. Perkin Elmer/ Wallac is used as an immunoassay reader and currently several immunoassay/ biomarker methods are being developed and validated.


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